Resteurant at 3th Szeroka Street!

Miodova Restaurant at 3th Szeroka Street is a must for any lover of Cracow. On this hiding a lot of memories street, almost a business card of Kazimierz, was once a Jewish market and to this day You can admire the Old Synagogue landmark building and historic buildings of Kazimierz. The unique atmosphere of the old district and memories present at every turn make every step an unforgettable experience.

It all started within blink of an eye: inspiration to create Miodova was an old cookbook “Ilustrowany Kucharz Krakowski” written by Mary Gruszecka in 1897. – thanks to recipes and advices founded in this, we are now able to offer our guests a rediscovered classic dishes with a modern twist. Our dishes will amaze those who are used to traditional Polish cuisine. You will find clearly marked influences of the Austro-Hungarian, Jewish, Russian and Balkan flavors that gives the home character and turn every meal into a culinary adventure abounds in subtle surprise.

Polish cuisine is really interesting – a modern, author’s interpretation and local products can turn any dish into a work of art.